Rwanda Wildlife Safaris

Rwanda is popular for its primates, however there are also the savannah game including the Big Five. Unlike the neighboring countries, Rwanda may not be the ultimate savannah wildlife viewing destination, however, it’s a very convenient destination to see the big five.

When it comes to having a gorilla trekking experience Volcanoes National Park is the place to go, for chimpanzee trekking visit Nyungwe Forest National Park and for a wildlife game drive visit Akagera National Park.

Akagera National Park is the best home to savannah adapted animals in Rwanda and the only place to enjoy a safari game drive. During game drives a tourist has the opportunity to be thrilled by the variety of animals within a spectacular habitat. 

Among the animals that are in Akagera National Park are elephants, lions, buffalos, hyenas, giraffe, zebras, antelope species like bushbucks, Topis, Cape eland, roan antelope, Klipspringer, duikers, Oribis, impalas and waterbuck. Some of the primate species in the park include the Vervet monkeys, olive baboons and nocturnal bush babies.

The “Big Five” Game are the most sought after animals for wildlife enthusiasts. These are Buffaloes, Rhinos, Lions, Leopards and Elephants. All of these can now be spotted in the Akagera National Park making it worth visiting for wildlife tours. 

Game Drives in Akagera National Park

Game Drives in Akagera National Park

Game Drives in Akagera National Park

To see wildlife in Akagera, one can opt for either morning or an Afternoon drive. Very professional and experienced guides lead the drive in 4WD safari vehicles. Game drives get you close to the animals which offers such a thrilling experience and sight of the beauty in the wild. 

To see nocturnal animals, there can be organized night game drives. These are so thrilling as it’s a golden opportunity to see what unfolds in the jungle within the night.

There is an opportunity to see the nocturnal bush babies during this game drive, other animals can also be spotted. 

Best time to visit Akagera National Park

The park is open all year round, however, just like any other safari destination there is always a best time to visit. It is best to visit during the dry season which is in the months of June to September. During this time animals congregate around water holes which makes it easy to see them. The other advantage of visiting the park in the dry season is that the grass is short making sighting easy and photography easy too.