COVID-19 Information Uganda

Uganda as one of the tour destinations popularly visited because of its bio diversity, richness in nature has also been greatly affected by the Corona Virus 2019(COVID-19).

Africa Reveal Safaris values and cares about the safety of its clients and has therefore availed the important information to note about traveling to Uganda during the Covid-19 period.

Like any other country in the world, Uganda registered her first confirmed COVID-19 Case on 21st march 2020. She has since then registered 1000’s of cases claiming lives of many. Ministry of health has since then put to place different standard operating producers that should be followed by everyone in the country plus all those who wish to travel to the country at any time.

From 21st march 2020 till today, the ministry of health has been updating the public on the status of the COVID-19 and also putting to place different measures to curb the curve. For all travelers wishing to come to Uganda should take extra effort to read through the different updates on the Ministry of Health Page;

Is Uganda Open and Safe for Travel?

Uganda as a country is open and safe for travel since 1st October 2020. All entry points are open including the Entebbe International Airport plus all boarders.

All National parks in Uganda were reopened for tourism and a statement was issued by the body responsible for wildlife and nature which is Uganda Wildlife Authority on 3rd September 2020. Clear Standard Operating Procedure were laid to be followed by all the National parks for the safety of both wildlife and the people in the surrounding. Following this link, please find the SOPs laid down by UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority)

According to the COVID-19 status in other countries, Uganda’s ministry of health has taken an extra mile in updating the public about the different categories of passengers eligible to enter the country. Please have a look at the updated pdf file uploaded.

All passengers arriving and leaving the country are required to have a Negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 Certificate regardless of those vaccinated or not.

All passengers arriving to Uganda will undergo a mandatory temperature and health screening upon arrival at the Airport.

For the arriving passengers who will show signs and symptoms of COVID-19 plus those who are COVID-19 positive will be put to self-isolation and taken to the designated ministry of health treatment centers until the results are out. All costs will be covered by themselves.

While arriving contact passengers to Covid-19 persons, shall be put to quarantine for 14days and all costs are to be covered by themselves

For all arriving Passengers with a Negative PCR Covid-19 certificate that is taken 72 hours before arrival at Entebbe International Airport, showing no signs and symptoms are allowed into the country

For more tips and information about Entebbe international airport during the COVID-19 period, please visit the page;

What are the requirements for traveling to Uganda during the Covid-19 period?

Besides the immigration requirements for entry/exit in Uganda, the below are required for entry during the Covid-19 period;

All travelers arriving at the airport should be wearing face masks, shall undergo a health screening, temperature checks and body sanitization.

A mandatory negative PCR Covid-19 test shall be required at the airport upon arrival for all passengers in Category 2 (passengers from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, south Sudan, Ethiopia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey and United Arab Emirates). The results take 5-6 hours for travelers to receive them. The tests are covered on traveler’s costs.

For all passengers from countries in category 3 (countries not mentioned in category 1&2) are required to present a valid PCR Covid-19 issued not later than 72hours before arriving in the country.

Travelers shall therefore proceed to immigration offices with a valid passport (at least 6months before the expiry date) to process the visa.

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