Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park is the closest park in Uganda to the capital-Kampala. This makes it the most suitable national park for a day tour

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

especially tailored for wildlife viewing on game drives, cycling, horse riding, or boat cruise activities.

About 200 kilometers from Kampala, Lake Mburo National Park, is convenient for visitors who would like to experience wildlife at the shortest distance possible.

The park is situated approximately 200 kilometers by road, west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital on the highway to the western part of the country where many more national parks are situated.

At 260 square kilometers, Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s smallest savannah national park, but one of the most interesting parks.

On a drive to Lake Mburo National Park, tourists also get the chance to visit the equator line which divides the world into two halves of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park 

The top attractions in the park are wildlife and bird species. With these attractions, there are several activities that tourists that visit the park can undertake and these include game drives, horse riding, quad biking, cycling, boat cruise, and nature walk.

Wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park 

Lake Mburo is especially home to herbivores which makes the park very safe and great for game viewing be it by game drives or nature walks hence the slogan “whispers of the wild”.

The sight of galloping impalas in full flight can take your breath away. The park is known for its abundance of zebras that relish their beauty by prancing and preening themselves in front of bored buffaloes, impalas, kobs, and many more.

You will find quite a number of wild animals around Lake Mburo, including; bushbucks, elands, warthogs that have found the park entirely to their liking, but you won’t miss herds of buffaloes roaming around the park. Game drives allow for closer viewing and exceptional photographs.

Birdlife in Lake Mburo National Park

Over 300 bird species are found in Lake Mburo National Park where the well – developed Acacia woodland harbors them. The red-faced barbet is endemic to only Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda and for birders in the country, this is the only destination to spot this bird. Other bird species include; the red-necked spurfowl, African wattled plover, flappet larks, rufous-chested swallow, ruppells’ long-tailed starling, sacred ibis, and southern red bishop among others.

For accommodation, there are several lodges within the park ranging from luxury, mid-range to budget. There are designated campsites for campers, and lodges perched high on a cliff that overlooks the park, to give visitors a unique view.

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