Travel Informational about Uganda: The Uganda Travel Guide 2021

  • VISA

One of the mandatory entry requirements into Uganda by travelers is the VISA. Uganda has an online visa application page where you can apply for your visa online. Some nationalists don’t need a Visa to enter into Uganda.

yellow fever vaccination certificate uganda

yellow fever vaccination certificate uganda

Please visit or for more information. Before you visit the page, make sure you have a valid passport, copy of your recent passport size photos, yellow fever vaccination certificate plus all corresponding document. The visa costs 50USD for a single entry.

  • Uganda’s Climate

Generally Uganda has a warm tropical climate with temperatures falling in the 25–29°C range on an average. Uganda receives rains in seasons from March to May and from September to November. During these months, heavy rains can make roads and terrains hard to traverse. It also has 2 dry seasons which are from December –February and June – August.

  • When to visit Uganda

Uganda is all year around open for visits. Even during the rainy seasons, rains do not fall every day and also not for the whole day. It’s actually recommended for bird enthusiasts to visit the country during the rainy season because the climate provides a variety of bird species for the travelers. However for activities like Gorilla trekking, Mountain hikes, nature walks among others, please note that the rains make the terrains so slippery and steep making the hikes more challenging.

  • Uganda’s Currency
Uganda shillings

Uganda shillings

The monetary currency of Uganda is the “Uganda shillings”. It is recommended that when coming into the country carry along some dollars because when out of the cities, dollars are of more preference than the rest of currencies.

Make sure you have enough cash because it’s barely easy to withdraw money from bank ATM nor pay by credit cards. The dollar notes allowed shouldn’t be older than 7-10years.

Travel Insurance

As Africa Reveal Safaris, we advise and encourage you to apply for a flying doctor membership with AMREF Flying Doctors. The membership provides assurance of a reliable air evacuation and medical care cover.

The AMREF Flying Doctors offers two covers- the Annual and Tourist where you can choose from. Preferably these are the recommended;-Maisha Gold package which covers Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. For more information please visit the AMREF Flying Doctors site for more packages.

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